About the Tyler Prize

The John and Alice Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement is awarded for scientific work on the environment, energy, and health, resulting in important benefits for humanity. The Prize is endowed by gifts from the John and Alice Tyler Charitable Trusts, and awardees are chosen annually by the Executive Committee. The University of Southern California is the administrator of the Tyler Prize.

The fundamental objective of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement is to recognize outstanding contributions to:

  • Protection, maintenance, improvement, or understanding of an ecological or an environmental condition;
  • Discovery, development, or improvement of sustainable sources of energy; and
  • Understanding of, or improvements to, planetary health.


Individuals and public or private institutions are eligible for consideration. Nominations from all parts of the world are welcomed and encouraged.


The work of the nominee(s) is expected to:

  • Be based on strong science, including natural and, or social sciences;
  • Address global inequalities;
  • Demonstrate measurable and scalable impact(s) on policy and/or practice;
  • Demonstrate engagement with the younger generation.

Who May Nominate:

Persons or institutions making nominations should be knowledgeable about how their nominee’s accomplishments fit with the criteria above.

Multiple nominations from a single nominator or self-nominations are not accepted.  Nominees are retained for a period of three years.

Please click here for the nomination procedure.